Who are we?

ANZ PODATKi tax office provides professional accounting, tax, HR and payroll services to business entities of various business profiles and legal forms, being a reliable partner to its clients.

We offer a full range of bookkeeping, personnel and payroll services, accounting consultations and advice on setting up and running a business.

We fulfil our duties conscientiously and professionally. We guarantee discretion and confidentiality of our services, putting the welfare of the client first. High-quality services are provided thanks to the experience we have gained, the use of modern information technologies, constant development and quick response to the needs of the client.

We always hold a valid third-party insurance policy for accountancy offices, which guarantees substantive and financial security for the Companies we run.

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The history of our office

Companies generally seek accountants in two cases: when they are just starting out or when they are not satisfied with their existing bookkeeping.

Clients who decide to change accounting office outnumber start-ups! This is most often due to the fact that new companies are often looking for a cheap accountancy firm, without going into the question of the quality of the service. Unfortunately, by being guided solely by price, we tend to play the lottery, which we often find out painfully after the fact.

When running my own accountancy firm, I repeatedly had to deal with clients for whom the only thing that mattered was a low price. I also had many conversations with entrepreneurs who had bad experiences with previous accountants. Being able to learn from other people's mistakes allows you to avoid your own and thus ensure that your clients are comfortable with professional service.

While still a salaried accountant, I have always placed great emphasis on self-discipline, demanding more from myself than my superiors. Currently, providing services as a tax firm, I guarantee a high level of service, confirmed by the certificate of the Association of Accountants in Poland (SKwP) number 20060/SK/2022, third-party liability insurance, as well as reliable recommendations of my clients. At the same time, I try not to alienate newly established companies with too high prices.